The Benefits of Mental Health Therapy

Mental health therapy can be a powerful tool for improving your life. Whether you're dealing with stress, relationship issues, or any other worries, therapy can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your emotions. With the help of a licensed therapist, you can learn to accept and manage your feelings, and make progress towards your goals. Research shows that around 75% of people who start psychotherapy see positive results after six months of treatment.

Kate Rosenblatt, MA, LPC, LMHC is the senior clinical director of Talkspace and a licensed clinical therapist in computed tomography and New York. She has more than 10 years of experience working with adults on a variety of topics, specializing in eating disorders and helping people who are facing life stressors such as finding their purpose, career changes, and connecting with their intuition. Kate is also a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and completed her master's degree in Counseling Psychology at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Therapy isn't just beneficial for your relationships with others; it can also help you improve your relationship with yourself. This sets the tone for how you'll interact with others and how you'll communicate.

Psychotherapy can help people with anxiety regain their sense of direction in life. By identifying the underlying causes of their emotions, they can gain context for their feelings instead of being paralyzed by fear. For a free phone consultation or to schedule an appointment, call 763-544-1006 or email Kate Rosenblatt. Specialized online therapy for children ages 13 to 17 is also available.

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